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K9 Vests per FEMA standards - Law Enforcement K9 Parade Vest; Search & Rescue; Fire Rescue; Service Dog;Custom Logo Embroidery;  Lighted/Reflective Collars; Lighted Collar Covers; Light Batons; Lighted Belts; Lighted Armbands; Lighted Leashes; Lighted Poncho and Vest; Canine Tracking Harness; Photo T-shirts; Photo-Mugs; Custom Photo Gifts; Custom ID Tags, USS SEA ROBIN SS407, Pet Urns; photo T-shirts; embroidery; digitizing
 In loving memory of  my very special friends  

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Tracking Harness              

FEMA Std Vest w/teams own patch.   the four items to the left of the vest are examples of the ID's for the front  vest strap
This is the FEMA Std Vest with the Homeland Security patch (team supplies)

The following  are a sampling of some of my special order vests please call for pricing and to order exactly what you want, some have custom designed logo's with their own dogs photo sublembroidered into the stitching.
We do our own professional digitizing and embroidery in house, as well as cad cut designs.


860-886-1874 or email


Your photo, background and words and make a lasting gift or one for yourself!
      Custom T and Sweatshirts

Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Fire Dept, Emergency Services, Service Dog for the Disabled

Lighted K9 Collars,
Tag lights, Personal Vests
Arm Bands                                    

Front Padded Tracking Harness
THO20 - $90.00

This harness was developed over a period of several years with input from  Search and Rescue professionals.  Tricia Heldmann and her late partner Geist of TASK-9 were helpful in perfecting this item to what it is now - the best non-restrictive harness on the market today.  This harness was developed initially with a team that used mostly Newfoundland dogs and they wanted a harness they could lift the dog out of the water with if he was in distress. Not long after,  one of them fell through an icy river in    Massachusetts during a search for a child thathad fallen through the ice,                                                                                                                                    it proved to do exactly what it was meant for.

dedicated to our lost companions and working partners if you would like to have your K9 partner added, please  email  the picture and information  to    
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