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Rhode Island Canine Search and Rescue Inc.
Task Force 2
Rhode Island Urban Search and Rescue
Task Force 1

Founded in 2004 by Jim Rawley, RICSAR has evolved into a respected,
responsive, and professional canine SAR team. Our members are a diverse
group of SAR professionals who each bring experience and knowledge to all team
trainings and deployments. We are an all volunteer group, and are dedicated to
saving lives and providing closure for families who’s loved ones have been
missing, for whatever reason. In 2011 RICSAR will be a registered not-for-profit
501© organization.

Our collective experience enables RICSAR to provide Wilderness Search and
Rescue, URBAN Search and Rescue in the event of a natural or man-made
disaster, water rescue/recovery and cadaver search and recovery. We also
function as an education asset to the community. Most of our members have
participated in multiple wilderness searches. Some of our members have been
utilized for natural disasters (like Hurricane Katrina). We have all been involved
with community outreach to help the public understand how to be safe in the

We work closely with law enforcement, primarily the RI State police, who dispatch
us as the need arises. Effective searches for missing people require a systematic
and multi-disciplinary approach, and therefore, we are only mobilized when called
upon by the RI State Police or other qualified agency. We can not respond to
searches for missing people from individuals. We do not participate in searches
for missing pets. We primarily serve Rhode Island, but are available throughout
New England, and even beyond, if called upon.

SAR Outfitter is the exclusive supplier for many
Elite Search and Rescue Teams. Run by members
of Ventura County Search and Rescue Team 3.
All our equipment has been field tested under
extreme conditions.
We are growing and will be adding new products.
Check back often to see our newest additions
and monthly specials.

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