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 Cassie, owner Mike & Renee Lewis                         
          in a medium harness..........Lifeline used with a llitter at  the World Trade Center during the 9.11.07 search.


 Vertical Lift Harness /optional litter

This unit has been used successfully for the past eleven years by many SAR, Police and Fire Teams.  It allows you to safely rappel, lower, raise or traverse a canine.  The Aluminum bar the harness hangs from, allows for proper back alignment and weight distribution by use of a four point attachment to the bar.  It can also be used  as a litter (using ski poles, saplings, etc.) to carry an injured dog using the built in sleeves on the harness.  The K9 Lifeline comes in three sizes and is fully adjustable so one harness can accommodate many dogs.  I designed this harness eight years ago, This harness can also be used without the bar if you wish.

                                                                                                        would you try this with
                                                                                                        your harness?  The
                                                                                                        K9 Lifeline tm holds your
                                                                                                        partner securely.

HDS-Small (25 - 55 lbs)  $400.00       
HDM-Med  (45 - 70 lbs)  $450.00       
HDL-Lrg   (70 - 110 lbs)  $475.00

Price includes the bar and storage bag (carabiners & litter poles not included)

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